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Twenty years ago saw the beginning of huge changes in the development of environmental policy. In the US President Clinton formed a new Office of Environmental Policy, the UK hosted an international conference to develop an understanding of sustainable development and German MPs were calling for the introduction of a tax on packaging.

Aspirations for implementing policies for sustainability have waxed and waned over the last 20 years and will probably continue to do so.

Ecobody's mission is to provide stimulating thinking on environmental issues for the 21st century.

About Ecobody

Ecobody is an independent company founded by Peter Doyle, an independent scientist and environmentalist, with 30+ years experience of the agricultural, waste, water nuclear and government sectors, including emergency response.

Our New Website

The website is currently undergoing re-design to align more closely with the company's restated mission so please revisit us soon. Regretably historically provided content is no longer accessible from the website.